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The easiest way to sell your house.

CinchSell is the easiest home selling experience ever. We are a no-fee, no-hassle cash buyer that gives you time and money back for your property.

If you’re ready for a cash offer now, just enter your info or give us a call. 

Our Story

Our Story

Humble Roots.

Simple Philosophy.

The easiest home selling experience ever

CinchSell is a discount home buyer that gives you more for your property. More time, more respect, and more piece of mind. All with less hassle for you. We started in Denver at the base of the Rocky Mountains over ten years ago and for the past decade we've helped hundreds of good people get out of bad situations so they can move forward with their lives. We are problem solving specialists and we would love the chance to help you too. 

Our Process

Our Process

With CinchSell, the easiest home selling experience ever means no extra steps, no pile of paperwork to fill out, no ”too good to be real” offers that get changed at closing. No games and no hassle, just three easy steps. That’s it.

Have a convesation

Have a


Get a cash offer for your home

Get a cash


Confir and cose

Confirm and



CinchSell The easiest home seling experience ever

Immediate cash offer

No fees or commissions

We buy as is (no repairs)

We do the paperwork

Close as fast as you want!

Traditional Real Estate

Weeks or months on the market

Commissions and appraisal fees

Clean up and repairs

Paperwork and open houses

Closing is complicated 

Our Difference

Our Difference
Honest Offer Guarantee

Honest Offer Guarantee

We believe in doing things the right way. That means being upfront and honest from the start.  When we make you a cash offer, not only is it real, it's a promise.  No hidden costs or surprise deductions at closing, just a real, honest offer. Guaranteed. We know that you're being honest with us, and that allows us to be honest with you. If we can't honor our original offer due to un-foreseen circumstances, we'll give you $100 just for your time.*

*We'll give you a $100 gift card if your closing price is lower than our original offer. 

$1000 Donation To Charity

We've always been in the business of helping people. It starts by helping you with your property and continues after closing when we make a $1000 charitable donation in your name to the charity of your choice. We've selected three causes to choose from, the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, and Children's Hospital. Pick one, and we'll cut the check with your name on it. 

$1000 donation to charity
Easiest experience ever

Easiest Experience Ever

Everything we do is aimed at making the sale of your property as easy as possible. We took the hassle, the headaches, and the unpredictability out of the process so that we can make you a pain-free cash offer that gives you the freedom to move forward as fast as you want. You take what you want and literally leave the rest. We'll take care of it which means no clean up, no repairs, no piles of paperwork. Just a friendly conversation, a cash offer, and a simple closing. Now that's the easiest selling experience ever! 


Best Treatment and Offer

"I chose to sell my house to CinchSell because of Nick. I trust my gut and from the first time we met I felt comfortable with him and knew he would do right by me. I thought about calling other companies but at the end of the day did not because I knew I was getting the best treatment and offer."

- Larry

A Joy to Work With

“Working with CinchSell was a joy. From the start all the way through the closing they were honest, forthright and patient. They followed through with everything that we discussed and worked through every complication with diligence, patience and great competence. We had a duplicate offer from another real estate company but we decided to go with CinchSell because of Nick and his team and were happy that we did.”

- Terry & Tommy

Honest and Forthright

“Nick was honest and forthright and an absolute pleasure to work with. He and CinchSell made sure everything was taken care of, which meant that there were no surprises and that when it came time for closing, it was a breeze."

- David

Easy and Painless

"I found CinchSell and Nick on the internet. At first I wasn't sure what to expect but after we had a conversation I was reassured that they were the right people to do business with. Nick made the process easy and painless. CinchSell was awesome and I'm glad we found them. We'd recommend them over and over again." 

- Lashawn & Yolanda

Contact Us

Contact Us

When you are ready for a no-hassle, no-obligation cash offer just give us a call or click "get an offer" below and we'll get back to you in less than 10 minutes.  

CinchSell buys homes in Colorado, Arizona, California, Ohio, Michigan, and all 50 states


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