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Our Process

Our goal, our entire existence is to make your life easy and your real estate transaction simple.  When we buy houses we promise to provide you the easiest home selling experience ever.
From your initial point of contact to closing you are in complete control and we will work around your needs to ensure a successful transaction.  At the end of every transaction our goal is a satisfied client that will recommend us to others.  It is our intent to make good of a bad situation and allow you to maintain your privacy, dignity, and get a fair offer for your property.
Below is an overview of how it looks to work with us:

Contact Us

To start the process you simply need to get in touch with us.  You can contact us online by filling out the form below, or if you'd prefer you may call us 24 hours a day at (800) 614-9908.  We will have a quick five minute conversation about your property.

Have a Conversation

We will contact you within 10 minutes to discuss your situation and property.  Our goal here is to answer questions you may have about us.  Ask you some questions about the property and your goals.  Then, if it seems like a fit you can invite us to take a look at the property.  If, after talking to us you don’t feel we’re right for you, that’s ok too!

Schedule an Appointment

We are extremely flexible and can meet whenever is convenient for you.  Our goal on our appointment is to talk more about your desires to try to do everything we can to get you what you want.  We will then do our physical inspection of the property to determine what repairs or updates we will need to do.  After our inspection we will run our analysis and can give you an offer.  All of this takes no more than an hour with you.  Our goal is to present an offer on every appointment.  There are no sales tactics, no obligation to accept.  We believe information is power and that if we can give you the information on how easy it is to work with us, you’ll choose to do so.

Accept Our Offer

When you accept our offer we will then schedule our welcome call during which we will walk you through the process from here to closing.  We will answer any questions you may have and provide you with the information you need to feel comfortable and confident that this matter is done. About a week prior to the closing we will reach out to schedule the actual closing. The closing can either happen at our local title office, or if you’re out of town we can send someone to you.  Again, we will do everything possible to make this as simple as possible for you.

Schedule Closing

On the day of your choosing we will meet at the title company to close the transaction.  We utilize a third party title insurance company to ensure the transaction is conducted properly to protect both of us.  We want to ensure when you transfer the property to us they pay off any 
outstanding liens and mortgages.  They also collect our funds, verify the funds are good and then disperse the remaining balance after paying off you mortgage etc to you.  You can choose to receive your funds via a cashier’s check or a wire transfer.  Most of our clients prefer a wire transfer as the funds are available the same day they are received where as many banks put a five day hold on cashier’s checks.
That’s it – truly the easiest and most simple way to sell your property.  Your next step is to contact us and we can make you an offer tomorrow!


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