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Oklahoma City Position

Hello & thank you for your interest in working with us. Below is some more detailed information about the position.  Please review and and follow the instructions at the end if you’re interested in discussing the opportunity further.


Our company, CinchSell acquires distressed single family real estate properties.  We market for these properties directly and do not acquire properties listed with realtors.  We currently have operations in Denver (home base), Colorado Springs, Omaha, Des Moines, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Houston and are expanding to the Oklahoma City area now.


We are looking for individuals to work with us as our eyes and ears on the street.  While most of the marketing, negotiations, and underwriting occur from our Denver office we partner with local individuals to help us analyze the properties.  You do NOT need any real estate experience.  If you have some, even better, but it is not required.


As we open Oklahoma City the role will be on a as needed, limited part time basis.  Basically, when we feel we’ve found a deal and are ready to see it we’ll reach out to you.  As we grow that will be more and more often.  Your job will be to go visit the property, take photos of the interior and exterior of the property and send them to us along with any insights you have on the area.  There are other opportunities to have you involved as well but that is where we like to start everyone to make sure we all have a good working relationship.


We pay $50 for a one time site visit. 


If we take on the property we pay $750 at the completion of our project whether that be rental or resale.  We will require you to help us by doing periodic site visits (within reason) around your schedule.


That’s the nitty gritty.  Below are some more reasons why we’re awesome to work with:


Benefits you’ll get above and beyond of the payment you’ll receive:

  • Real world experience investing in real estate with a proven company

  • Opportunities to grow within the company

  • Learn real estate

  • Potential to partner on deals down the road

If you are a licensed real estate agent:


  • Listing leads from deals we can’t but but sellers that want to sell

  • Back-end listings of our remodels

  • Access to our buyer database for any deals you might have


In closing, thank you for your interest in this position and for your time to review this.  If you are interested in discussing the position please reply to the message we just sent to you with the word “apples” at the top of your reply and we will send a link to schedule a call.


Thank you again for your time and interest.


Nick Evans


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